Singapore Corporate Gift

Singapore Corporate Gift
Singapore Corporate Gift

Singapore is a tiny nation with a lot of distinctive goods that may be given as company gifts. We'll discuss 10 Singapore-inspired corporate gift ideas for staff appreciation in this blog post. Hopefully, with these Singapore-themed corporate presents, you'll be able to choose the ideal present for your employees! Try out Leather Singapore!

1. Creative Home Kits By FunEmpire

Give your employees something special to brighten their day! FunEmpire has converted their award-winning creative workshops into DIY Creative Home Kits that clients may use safely from the comfort of their own homes! They've combined elements of their popular Terrarium Home Kits, Art Jamming Home Kits, and Leather Crafting Home Kits and Clay Workshops into Our Creative Home Kits and sent them straight to clients' doors!

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2. Plate Of Recipes

On these melamine Recipe Plates, Singapore's most renowned culinary specialties such as Chili Crab and Nasi Lemak are beautifully re-created. The meal includes a front and back dish with the ingredients and instructions, as well as attractive photographs, making it a gorgeous keepsake of Singapore's most distinctive feature – excellent cuisine! Area65's Merlion popsicle moulds are great since they're both fun and useful for the kids to keep Singapore in their memory!

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3. Chiffon Pandan Cake

Pandan cake is a fluffy, green sponge cake flavored with the flavor of Pandan from Southeast Asia that has an unusual form and incredible taste! Bengawan Solo also sells kueh slices. Orders placed over the internet need up to two days' notice, and you may pick up your items at any of Singapore's locations. Yes, even birthday cakes are available in Singapore!

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4. TWG tea

If you walk past a TWG Tea store or restaurant in Singapore, you'd assume it was from Europe! This Singaporean firm's outstanding range of teas, exquisite interiors, and tempting desserts has established such a lofty reputation. It's all high-quality tea in lovely presentation that makes it perfect as a Singapore souvenir.

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5. Bespoke Monopoly Game by Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

The hues, shapes, and vibrant designs of Singapore's monuments and significant locations are captured in this colorful, transportable, and fun method to learn about the country's landmarks. It may be purchased online or at the Colony Restaurant inside The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore.

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6. Dancing Chef Pastes

When we go away, I always pack a variety of asian pastes since my family is enthusiastic about food. Especially the Padang Rendang, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, and other delicious curry pastes. They're Halal, MSG-free, and completely devoid of preservatives or colorings. They also have a great flavor profile that you won't be disappointed in! In all of their meals, there is no MSG, PRESERVATIVES, OR ARTIFICIAL COLORING; they're all Halal. It's perfect for fitting into the corners of your luggage because of its lightness. These are readily available at most supermarkets!

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7. Jason Denning Photography

If you're looking for exquisite photographs of Singapore, go no further than Jason Denning. His two-hour long exposure panoramic images provide stunning visuals that may be framed or purchased on canvas or even rolled up (ideal for taking abroad as gifts). Check out his bespoke edition Singapore collection, which includes The Shophouses 2, a photo series that captures the exquisite shophouses on Joo Chiat Place - or the Singapura of the stunning MBS skyline in black and white. If you're stumped, check out Fragments - 2 to 4 prints put side by side to capture various aspects of Singapore.

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Whether you're shopping for a company gift for marketing, promotion, commemorative event, or any other occasion, has the ideal present for you. They are well-known for their rapid response when it comes to promotional item supply chain management. They are very hands-on with each of their assignments, from product design and development to quality control and logistics.

They also provide a wide range of high-quality, low-cost promotional items to build a solid reputation over time through their consistency. They are now one of the most well-known corporate gift providers in Singapore, having built their reputation as a provider of high-quality corporate gifts. They will continue to strive to maintain this distinction by continuing to provide better solutions for people looking for high-quality business presents in Singapore.


9. Vivopress Custom Face Mask Printing

Why not update face masks with your own flare and personality? Why not make a statement by creating unique face masks that reflect your personal style! Vivopress understands the face mask frustrations and is here to assist families, companies, and organizations improve their daily routine. With a desire for personalized printing, services to take control of your epidemic appearance. 


10. Woven Bags by Trea Pte Ltd

Non-woven bags are a fantastic corporate gift that may be customized to fit different sectors. They're lightweight and more long-lasting than most paper bags. Furthermore, they are environmentally beneficial and closely associated with environmental responsibility and conservation.


Singapore Corporate Gift

Singapore is recognized for its culinary specialties, culture, and people. If you're searching for a present or workshops like leather crafting that captures the essence of Singapore's several charms, this article presents six unique Singapore-themed corporate gifts that are appropriate for any event.

Whether you're looking for something as basic as cookware or more complicated like bespoke Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore furniture constructed to order, don't overlook the other delectable choices like Dancing Chef Pastes that come in Halal flavors! These Singapore-related things make wonderful Singapore mementos or presents for any occasion.

Are you looking for a fun opportunity to create something special or a DIY home construction project? For more information, contact our helpful events staff!

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Leather Embossing

Leather Embossing
Leather Embossing

Leather Singapore craft sector has been expanding, and the techniques for embossing and engraving it have done so as well. Leather crafts are an excellent method to start a company or enhance an existing one because leather is so adaptable. In this blog article, we'll go over the top 5 leather embossing and etching methods that will help you take your leather crafting abilities from amateur to expert!

1. Brand Identity

One of the most basic leather engraving processes is branding. A branding iron is used to burn leather, which is then branded. This leather craft workshop technique may be utilized in a variety of ways, including brandings for cattle or horses. You may also use your own leather crafting skills to apply branding designs!

For example, you may imprint your initials onto leather bracelets that you give to family and friends.

2. Embossed Leather

Embossing is a method of stamping a pattern into something by applying pressure with a steel plate or rolling wheel. Embossed leather is a leather hobby that has many options. You might use leather embossing & engraving to add simple designs to your leather projects, or go more advanced and create bespoke artwork! You may also stamp phrases into leather items for personalized leather monograms. Leather embossing is also used to make one-of-a-kind leather goods. Custom artwork or initials might be added to leather wallets, for example.

3. Pyrography Technique

Pyrography is a method of burning leather using heated tines. The term pyrography derives from the Greek words for "fire writing."

The leather craft technique involves the use of leather crafts like wooden burning pens and leather stamps. Customized pyrographed leather can be imprinted with personalized artwork or initials.

4. Laser Etching

The first step in the process is to engrave a design into your leather or other material. Leather laser etching and leather laser marking are examples of leather crafts that may be done using this method, which can also be done with both commercial-grade equipment as well as modest-scale home kits.

These leather craft workshop teaches embossing and engraving methods, in addition to being leather craft processes that leather artists may utilize to customize their works. It is also utilized in the leather fashion sector.

Clothing, handbags, and other goods are frequently embellished with laser engraved leather.

5. Blind Print

Blind leather printing is a leather craft technique that employs rubber stamps to produce images out of leather. Leather crafting such as stamping and printmaking are employed in this embossing and engraving method, which may be done with either commercial grade equipment or home kits.

Leather crafters may use these leather engraving and embossing techniques to add individuality to their work. Blind printed leather is frequently utilized on clothes and accessories in the fashion sector.

Leather Embossing

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post about the top five distinct leather embossing and engraving techniques! We hope you enjoyed learning about leather making workshop and embossing.

So, now it's time to hear from you: which leather crafting skill do you enjoy the most? Fill out the form below and let us know!

If you're ready to book your leather workshop journey, give our courteous events staff a call right now! We'd be thrilled to assist you in planning the greatest leather workshop imaginable!

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Team Bonding Activities SG

Team Bonding Activities SG
Team Bonding Activities SG

Team bonding activities are a fantastic method to get team members acquainted with one another and involved. They may also be utilized as team-bonding sessions, team outings, or simply for fun. It may appear tough to come up with team bonding exercises that don't need a lot of talking if you're an introvert. Introverts will appreciate the following six team bonding ideas! We suggest trying a range starting from Leather Making Workshop!

1. Leather Making allows you to personalize.

Singapore's Leather Craft Workshop fine-tunes your existing talents in a lot of ways. They don't only give you the option to create your own leather goods, but they also develop important personality qualities. These are great habits to develop, especially when collaborating with others. This increases the effectiveness of team-building activities at the seminars.

It is possible to enjoy leather crafting with friends or as part of a group. It is not only interesting and unusual, but it also helps members bond while making leathercraft. This pleasant and distinct pastime allows people to unwind and socialize while accomplishing something enjoyable.

2. Art Jamming will allow you to use your imagination.

Art Jamming classes are offered by the Fun Empire, which provides a diverse selection of activities. Art jamming may be had for as little as $19 per person, allowing you to enjoy it without breaking the bank. The Fun Empire also offers tote bag art jamming, which is both practical and stylish!

Have you ever thought of something more unique? Singapore has only one firm, The Fun Empire, that offers Neon Art Jamming! Set your project under bright lights and see it come alive!

4. Make your own jewellery

It may appear strange to have a silver ring-setting workshop, but we assure you that it's far more pleasurable than you'd imagine. This is truly a lot of fun and simple. It only takes about two hours, but the time passes by quickly. Even though we were on various phases, from selecting the design for our silver rings to hand-hammering the patterns manually, the instructors guided us gently.

5. Making bath bombs for your next staycation.

Bath bombs are a lot of fun to create and smell incredible! For those who want a more passive way to relax, set up a bath bomb making workshop for your crew. The workshop's materials are all-natural and safe for anybody with eczema, including the flustered coworker. You'll learn the ins and outs of what makes a bath bomb and how the different hues combine to form lovely pastel hues during this 1.5-hour session.

6. Take a class in pottery

Taoz Ceramics provides a variety of ceramic and pottery lessons to teach you how to form clay into a cup, bowl, or vase. The clay class is available for novices who have never handled their hands before. Not only will you learn something new, but your creations will have someone else's eyes on them at all times thanks to this education.

Team Bonding Activities SG

Team building activities can help build team cohesion and development. Teams frequently grow closer as they collaborate to resolve difficulties or accomplish objectives. Team building games that we've provided may assist you in fostering collaboration abilities among your workers or pals, resulting in everyone being energized and enthusiastic about the team's success! Playing these games with others has a variety of advantages, including improved communication, problem-solving skills, cooperation abilities, innovation, and more.

If the Leather Workshop is of your interest, contact us immediately at FunEmpire! We specialize in organizing Leather Craft Workshop, Art Jamming and many more events for organizations like yours - whether it's an office party or a company retreat, we'll make sure that everyone has a good time!

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Workshop For Corporates
Workshop For Corporates

Workshop For Corporates

Looking for workshop ideas for your next corporate event? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be sharing about 10 fun and affordable workshop options that are perfect for corporates in Singapore. Your team will have a great bonding experience learning new skills. From a leather workshop to art workshops, there is something here for everyone.

1. Virtual Escape Room

The Fun Empire's Virtual Escape Room Singapore is the first and only Escape Room game in Singapore, where players can collaborate in virtual teams to solve mysteries and "successfully escape" from a locked room. The company's online escape room platform allows players to interact with clues and collaborate to solve the issues and unlock the mysteries of the game. Live and professional facilitation (i.e., on Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, etc) is provided via secured video conferencing platform. The Escape Room at The Odyssey is one of the most popular virtual team building events in Singapore, and it accommodates small groups of two people all the way up to huge gatherings of hundreds.

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Looking for a way to visit new places and tackle issues with friends from the comfort of your own home? With Virtual Amazing Race by FunEmpire, you may do just that! This team-building exercise is identical to the Amazing Race but can be completed with pals from other offices or squad members without ever leaving your home turf.

The Amazing Race may accommodate teams of two individuals to large groups of hundreds of people. This is a team building game that you must play at this price!

3. Virtual Time Travel

Have you ever questioned whether time travel is possible? We may not know for sure, but by using The Fun Empire's Virtual Time Travel, we may try out what it's like to travel through time! Players must work together in teams to solve intricate yet difficult puzzles while pursuing a common objective. On this exciting adventure, teams will have to put their problem-solving skills, cooperation, and communication to the test as they try to solve various challenges. The only requirement for Virtual Time Travel is that there are two or more people in the group, and it may accommodate an infinite number of people! For just $20 each person, this is a fantastic method to spend your next team building day!

4. Virtual Leather Making Workshop

Learn how to make your own leather items at home! The popular Fun Empire leather-crafting program has now been made available virtually. Before the start of their private virtual team building session, each participant will receive a Leather Making Home Kit in the mail. Participants will get to learn about the intriguing facts regarding different sorts of leather, how to keep it in good condition, and how to construct their own personalized products! Participants will be able to create two products, such as a key fob and a coin purse, for an extremely low price! Try out a leather workshop Singapore today!

5. Clay Workshop

There has been a lot of interest in the Clay Making Workshop in Singapore, since you can create anything from clay figurines to your own designs. You may make tiny food items like cheesecake or macarons, as well as well-known cartoon characters such as the Angry Birds or Minions. There are an infinite number of choices! In this workshop, participants will practice mixing colors with colored clay and create their preferred hues. They'll also learn basic clay-shaping skills as well as have direct interaction with the materials.

Clay workshops are a wonderful way to learn a new craft while also receiving the opportunity to take home your own clay figurine build.

6. Gel Candle Workshop

Candles are both attractive and useful in the home, whether they're utilized to create a warm and pleasant ambience or simply for aesthetics. It's also a fantastic present! Among Singapore's most popular creative activities for women is gel candle making. After a long day, simply lighting a candle and wearing a sheet mask will greatly assist you relax. This will relax your mind, body, and spirit.

Workshop For Corporates

The workshop for corporates from FunEmpire is a great way to explore new avenues of team building and problem-solving. It's also a budget-friendly option that accommodates both small groups or large gatherings with no minimum group size! From a leather workshop to a candle one, there is something exciting for everyone! If you are looking to try out our leather workshop Singapore experience, get into contact with us! We would love to give you a brilliant experience!

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