Corporate Workshop Singapore

Corporate Workshop Singapore
Corporate Workshop Singapore

Are you a Leather Craft junkie? If you adore your leather goods as much as we do, there's a good chance that you've considered making them yourself! From a card holder to a key fob and everything in between, we can make it.

Make a business card holder for your company with your coworkers! Team building has never been more engaging. Our Leather Crafting Workshops are about so much more than just producing leather items; they're also about developing character, leadership, collaboration, and creativity. Here are some reasons to have this as your next corporate workshop:

Unique and Private

The Fun Empire has a unique and private leather workshop in Singapore! You may take part in the private session with your coworkers, friends, and family members as long as there are at least 5 participants! The instructor will also assist with photographs throughout the session! At the conclusion of the session, each participant may take home his or her own leather goods as well as wonderful reminiscences of a fantastic time spent with family and friends.

Conveniently Located

Are you looking for a place to host a large-scale team building workshop but don't know where to go? No more worries because The Fun Empire has air-conditioned rooms located near several subway stations. Furthermore, they are the only Leather Workshop Singapore business that can accommodate 140 people at once. You've learned where to go for major events like this!

Flexibile Mobility in Workshop

Are you looking for a creative method to keep the kids entertained at their birthday party, or a way to bring your team together in the workplace? The Fun Empire can help you with this! All you have to give them is a table and two chairs. They'll bring all of the materials you'll need to make your leather goods!

One of the most inexpensive and accessible in the market

The Fun Empire is a leading Leather Workshop Singapore business that offers some of the most inexpensive and cost-effective leather sessions in the market! In a session, you may create up to two unique leather items. The fee ranges from $42 to $62 per person, with the venue charge included!

Self-Service Booking Without Fuss

All you have to do now is simply fill in an inquiry on the Fun Empire's webpage and you'll be booked immediately! It just takes a few minutes to confirm a Leather Making Singapore slot with the Fun Empire! All you have to do is submit an enquiry on their website and wait 24 hours for a quotation. To ensure that you get your desired time slot, remember to confirm your session at least three working days before it begins! After confirmation, you will receive a video link showing you how to get to their locations from the nearest MRT station! Finally, prepare yourself for a fantastic experience with The Fun Empire!

Corporate Workshop Singapore

Leather and other Corporate workshops are often seen as a way to get team members to bond or build camaraderie because it allows employees to learn new skills and explore their creativity while building relationships with each other at the same time.

Whether you want your next corporate event to be big or small, The Fun Empire has got you covered! We offer private Leather Making sessions so attendees can feel extra special by crafting products together without distraction from others during this intimate activity. Corporate workshops Singapore are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something different when planning your company gathering. Contact us to book a slot for your next team building event.

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The Fun Empire is the leading Leather Crafting Workshop Provider in Singapore. Our Award Winning Workshops are perfect for team building, casual hangouts, birthday parties or to give as gifts to your loved ones.
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