DIY Kit Singapore

DIY Kit Singapore
DIY Kit Singapore

The most popular trend in the market is "Do-it-yourself," which has become increasingly fashionable as you may design your own color and style, and it allows customization and individuality.

We've taken our popular creative workshops and combined them into DIY Creative Home Kits or Take Home Kit that clients may use at their leisure from the comfort of their own homes! We adapt Our Creative Home Kits from our popular Terrarium Class Singapore, Art Jamming, and Leather & Clay Workshops to bring them straight to our customers' doors!

Do you want to learn how to do it yourself? Why not try out The Fun Empire's Leather DIY Home kit in Singapore. Our stay home DIY kit allows you to learn how to make leather products at the comfort of your own home. Here are the items 4 important items provided in our DIY craft home kit:


Rivets are used to connect two or more pieces of leather together when they are fitted through holes in the leather. They're available in a number of finishes, so you may choose rivets that contrast with your leather or ones that blend in.

Key Ring

Keychains are the most popular items made during leather making, with keyrings also being the most frequent of all souvenirs. A good keyring will keep your keys organized and safe while also making it easy to find them when rummaging through your bag for them. So consider making this as one of your items.

Hole Punch

A leather punch is a hole puncher that is designed to be used on leather. The leather item is placed on a hard surface, such as a part of the tool package, and the punch is driven through it, cutting away a tiny circular piece.


A leather punch, or hole punch, is a specialized type of hole puncher. The leather item is placed on a hard surface and the punch is driven through it, creating a small circular piece that gets discarded.

DIY Kit Singapore

For the most fantastic Leather DIY experience, choose one of our Home Experience Kits! You can purchase this Leather DIY kit online through our website. Enjoy intriguing creative courses from the comfort of your own home! Adventure is right at your doorstep. We deliver quickly within three to five working days!

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